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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Princess Seam Shirt - Blue Sky Pattern Alterations - M6076

Blue-Sky M6076 - With a few alterations

As I'm getting comfortable with fitting this princess-seamed shirt pattern M6076

I'm blue-sky sewing (that's the kind where you don't actually sit at the machine, you just dream it up and plan to get on with it as soon as you can fit it in). My first blue-sky dream, is a sleeveless, denim (non-stretch), scoop neck top, with an exposed zipper. It will be similar to my Western Winds version - but with no collar and a scoop-neck cut away. Also I'll probably tighten the fit a little, since denim tends to stretch when you work with it. I'm thinking either a lining or an inter-lining.

I'm wondering about using flexible stay-tape on the princess seams as well....