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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Fundamentals: Black Elastic Waist Twill - Cropped Pants

Yup - they already work great with a number of shirts I have.
Very quick to sew.
I used 3" wide elastic for the waistband
Sewed onto the waist area  with two lines of stitching- not run through a channel
No pockets - Saves sewing time, improves fit, decreases issues involved in setting the pockets neatly into the side seams
Why else do I not sew pockets? When I used to sew pants pockets they would develop holes in the bottom (because I put heavy things in them) - I used to lose my keys (- cell phone - money).
I used to do all kinds of reinforcing with heavier material  - but then I just kept putting the heavy stuff in and losing it.

I still like sewing pockets in shirts.

These pants fit nicely - because I made them to fit me and work on my figure. That is the pleasure of sewing my own.
They are some kind of black twill material. Yup I found it in my fabric inventory.

Out of print - Many similar can be found