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Friday, September 23, 2016

Pismo Beach - When I wasn't sewing

Stella Camping Pismo Beach North Campground
I did get some sewing in this month that I haven't blogged about. But also,  more importantly, I went camping with Cousin Martha and Jasper the Wonderful Pooch at Pismo Beach North Beach Campground.

Own Sewing came in handy - packed and wore two of my sleeveless princess-seamed shirts, my front tucked denim shorts, and a warm fleece jacket I made perhaps six years ago!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Summer New York Travel Essential: Poppy Top adds California Spirit to a New York Trip (Altered M6078)

Yes, another trip to see my daughter. She is working on a graduate degree at NYU and living in Manhattan. It's only 6.5 blocks to walk from her apartment to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). As I have on the other several trips I took this year, I went to the Met numerous times. I also spent a day at my favorite-all-time-anywhere Cloisters museum and enjoyed a lovely day at the wonderful Bronx Zoo with my daughter - but those are too much to squeeze into this collage!

In addition to packing my new princess-seamed top - Floribunda Bouquet- and Floribunda's new black linen ankle-length pants, I squeezed in sewing up another new top, a  cowl necked California poppies bedecked cowl neck in challis. I used a favorite knit pattern (M6078) for this woven, so I made a muslin first to check side and shoulder seams. I did add some more length to the shoulder seams. It was lovely having this along, as it made me feel just a tad dressier when I went to museums and shopping with my daughter.  Also those poppies showed off my California style!  Floribunda's new pants went great with it as well. In addition to this top, cottony princess-seamed Floribunda, I packed two light tee shirts for this 8 day trip. As I rinse tops out at night and hung them to dry, I could have left one of them at home - must remember that...

Images in this collage include: street scenes, Central Park arches, Natural History Museum, a Saturday Farmers Market two doors from my daughters apartment, and The Metropolitan Museum. Oh I have so many more photos!
Countryside scenes are from Natural History Museum exhibit on Dutchess County - A place I've long wanted to go during apple picking season.

Natural History Museum, New York City - Wouldn't it be great to have walls like this in my own home?!

I love the sense of how big a blue whale would actually be - What a challenge getting a full-sized photo!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Essentials: Floribunda's Black Linen Pants (M6403)

This pattern is out of print
But you can find many new/unused for sale on the web
I talked about how I altered this pattern in last month's audio Enchanted by Sewing Podcast - Also I discussed perceived differences between ankle-length and cropped.

An essential summer outfit - recently sewn princess-seamed Floribunda Bouquet and her new pants

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ench By Sew-46: Ready Set Sew! - Sewing Style

Click on this link in iTunes  to download the 46'th episode of the Enchanted by Sewing Audio Podcast,  recorded in August of 2016. Or listen directly on the web by clicking on this link.

Ready Set Sew! Sewing my own garments, allows me to define and create my own style.

This Month’s Show 

1) Primeros Pensamientos/First Thoughts
* Defining this sewist’s current style 

* Elements of Style- According to Laurel
-Design Lines and Fit, 
-Fabric and Drape

In reference to wearing fur -We go with what the always charming Felix Bassenak (S.Z. Sakall) said to Elizabeth Lane (aka Barbara Stanwick) in Christmas in Conneticut…

"You need it? Nobody needs a mink coat but a mink!"

2) Entonces/Then
Technicos: Techniques I used for altering M6403, the pattern I used for my black linen summer pants

In Pensamientos Finales, I recall
the importance of
sewing this maxi jumpsuit
3)) Pensamientos Finales/Final Thoughts
Looking back- Sewing myself as a grownup


M6403 pants pattern - out of print but many copies available on the web
M6076 Palmer and Pletsch princess-seamed shirt

Monday, August 15, 2016

Floribunda Bouquet - Terminado! Finished! (M6076)

Summer clothes work around here well into the fall months. So it what well worth my time creating a third version of this summery princess-seamed shirt M6076 (altered -no sleeveless version on pattern). I'm so happy to have  another crispy version of this shirt. Floribunda has already gone out with me on a bike rides, a couple of dog walks, and even slightly dressed up- over my black denim skirt accompanied by a long doubled string of pearls and flat red sandals-  to visit my buddy Marilyn
Friend Susan recommended the large black buttons versus a couple of different patterned buttons I'd laid out - they were cute but didn't pop like this big black buttons.

I'm now working on a pair of black linen pants to flesh out my essential summer wardrobe. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Essential:Foribunda Bouquet - Beginnings ( Sleeveless Princess-Seamed Shirt, M6076)

  I've begun work on Floribunda Bouquet, another sleeveless princess-seamed shirt using M6076                                                                                                              
Been getting a lot of wearing time in with Western Winds and Pinto, so por qué no*?                                                                                 
 * por qué no? - why not?

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sewing Pinto's Purse (Buttercup Purse, Green Sewing)

Web Resources: "A Purse for Pinto" - Download or Listen on-line  (free) http://enchantedbysewing.blogspot.com/2016/07/ench-by-sew-45-purse-for-pinto-green.html

How about that fabric combination?
Felt great to use up new scraps
and an older remnant 
 In my July Enchanted by Sewing Audio- Podcast, I talked about my motivation for sewing Pinto's Buttercup purse, as well as describing some of the techniques involved in this use-up-the-scraps green sewing project. Here's how Pinto and her purse came together.
Not enough shirt scraps for the bag's outside, but piecing together the remaining bits, made a pretty lining to use inside this buttercup purse. The rosebud fabric was another remnant that had been hanging out in my fabric inventory for a goodly while!