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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Concert Black Haiku - Part 1

All About Vision
Cutting, Pinning  - Plan to Sew

Replace Concert Black

M3650 - Out of Print - Many Vendors Still Carry This Pattern Used

Tired of the black top I've been wearing to sing as a member of Stanford Symphonic Chorus, I've recently cut out a Tried-and-True Pattern. The material is some kind of heavy-silklike, man-made fabric. I bought it in New York's Garment District. When performing we all wear black. The styles are up to us.

Our next concert is early March. Nothing like a goal to get something sewn!

Nothing like using a Tried-and-True  pattern to inspire me to dream about something new, take up my shears, and get going.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fall Fundamentals: Tunic Tee for Thanksgiving

Where's that Pattern? Out of Print Butterick 3383
Many Available Still on the Web
Classic Tee Shirt Pattern
Every Sewist Needs a New Outfit for Thanksgiving 

No Matter How Little Sewing Time S/He Has!

This minimal Rayon-Lycra (3%) knit found inexpensively at "Fabrix" in San Francisco - A Discount Fabric Store - Kind of place that has what it has - has 
Fun stuff - Good Low Princes

It feels good on - Breezy

I added bust darts and also front tucks - which I stitched by hand once I saw how the shirt draped on me

Extended the sleeves from 1/4 to 3/4

Lycra Knit a little tricky
Despite doing a stretched neckband I still had some gap - So I stitched on a strip of black elastic underneath -  just in the front 

Original pattern was a basic tee. I lengthened and added side vents to make it more tunic like

Goes well with the basic black cropped pants in my last posting

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Fundamentals: Black Elastic Waist Twill - Cropped Pants

Yup - they already work great with a number of shirts I have.
Very quick to sew.
I used 3" wide elastic for the waistband
Sewed onto the waist area  with two lines of stitching- not run through a channel
No pockets - Saves sewing time, improves fit, decreases issues involved in setting the pockets neatly into the side seams
Why else do I not sew pockets? When I used to sew pants pockets they would develop holes in the bottom (because I put heavy things in them) - I used to lose my keys (- cell phone - money).
I used to do all kinds of reinforcing with heavier material  - but then I just kept putting the heavy stuff in and losing it.

I still like sewing pockets in shirts.

These pants fit nicely - because I made them to fit me and work on my figure. That is the pleasure of sewing my own.
They are some kind of black twill material. Yup I found it in my fabric inventory.

Out of print - Many similar can be found

Monday, July 31, 2017

Ench-By-Sew 57: Summer of Love - Denimocracy - Retro Sewing Inspiration Field Trip

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This month I’m taking you along on a denim-embellished sewing inspiration field trip to the San Franciso de Young Museum’s
 50’th anniversary of the Summer of Love – it’s at the de Young museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, about 4 miles away from the Polo Fields where the Summer of Love’s Human Be In was celebrated.

So just step on in to your time portal of choice and …. Let it all hang out….

- We’ll start with…Pensamientos Primeros: Hey, had you realized that this summer marks the 50’th anniversy of the Summer of Love in San Franciso? Wow – Far Out Sister!

- Entonces  Un excursion / Then a field trip - Join me for a short field trip to the Summer of Love !

- Y en Pensamientos Finales/And in Final Thoughts : A Perpetual Summer  

* * Resources * *

Summer of Love Exhibit, de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Xilocuatla - Nahuatl


Friday, June 30, 2017

EnchBySew-56: Enchanted By Silk

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I'm enchanted by silk.

* Pensamientos Primeros/First Thoughts: What is silk and where might it come from? Exploring an historic Japanese Minka Folk House.

* Technicos/Techniques – Furoshiki: A no-stitch creation from silk - Marriage of ancient Japanese practicality and art

* Pensamientos Finales/Final Thoughts – Dreaming of a Superfluity of Silks in the Alcaiceria Bazaar of Granda Spain - home to the Alhambra Palace 

~ ~ ~ Resources !~ ~ ~

What was the fibula reference?

1)  Pensamientos Primeros/First Thoughts - Links

Silk was one of the Animal Fibers in this exhibit, which I loved, at the Met


     PUSH THE PLUS BUTTON to get more details

       ALL OBJECTS shows pictures and text for all items in the exhibit
       Other Two Parts of the "Secret Life..." Exhibit



Peace Silk/No Kill/Cruelty Free - I have not studied this. Feel free to post what you know


~ ~ ~
Continuado  - The Minka House at Kew Gardens, England near Richmond, Easy Day trip from London

2) Furoshiki Sampling


Furoshiki: A folded bag


3) Pensamientos Finales - A Superfluity of Silks - The Alcaiceria, Granada Spain:

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tools of the Trade - 2400 years back

Tijerras/ Scissors
Celtiberian town of Uxama in Osma/Soria

Third cent B.C.

I wonder.... did her husband ever borrowed these good sewing scissors to cut paper?

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Basics: Toile Mobile Pocket Bag

A five inch zipper.

A remnant from an old lined curtain reworked.

An hour and a half's work from first cut to final stitch.

No pattern - sized as I sewed.

Sized to hold cell phone, iPod and a coin/credit card purse. 

Included a mini pocket inside to hold a subway or train pass.