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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Draping Holly: Squeezing in a Holiday Tee Shirt

Yup in the 'midst of multiple holidays I managed to squeeze in a new tee shirt, Holly. I just love this new addition to my wardrobe. No, the photo doesn't do it justice, and I know better than to say that.

I draped Holly on my dress form straight onto the fashion fabric - no midway ground creating a pattern or using interim fabric. If I want to make another like her, I'll have to start over. Features include: a minimal cowl neckline, an asymmetrical tuck that runs across the bodice, side gathers that pull up at the sides, hanging fringes of trim at either side (really can't see those in this picture, can you?), deconstructed trim that runs along the asymmetrical tuck and along the waistline of the shirt. Those trims form the fringes at the sides. The fabric is some kind of cotton knit that I picked up in the freebie pile at school. It's heavy'ish with minimal stretch and an ever so sightly scratchy hand.

Having just come off my first draping project, Lucy, on which I spent a couple of months, it was a lot of fun just designing and sewing this shirt quickly. I've already worn Holly out for a festive day with my daughter and husband, and plan to include her in my day's activities tomorrow. Hard to tell but I'm wearing a long string of tiny beeds resurrected from a 1920 flapper's dress, originally worn by my husband's aunt. My niece found the beaded trim put away in a drawer, and created necklaces for all of us one year. What a pleasure it is to combine them with this top. They go together perfectly. I also made a deconstructed tie for my hair that ties on headband style. I just cut a long strip with pinking sheers, and pulled on either end so they fabric rolled inward slightly. I did the same thing with the fringe'y ends at the hips.

I designed Holly to work with my first pair of jeans I created and sewed from the pants drafting class I took in the fall. Those jeans have seen so much use already. I bet I've worn them more often than most of the pants in my closet.

Sewing a quick holiday tee is exactly the kind of project that keeps me...
Enchanted by Sewing

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