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Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Few Tools for Pattern Work

I'm learning to use a French Curve when I grade a curved seam.
At first I was unclear on how to use it, but I finally realized it's just like using a straight edge,
I need to go from here to there in a gradual way, just not in a straight line.

Little seam gauges are really handy for adding a precise change in seam allowance

A double Clover Wheel (white tool on the right),
is nice for adding (or decreasing) seam allowances to patterns
Also you can pull out the wheels and make that new seam allowance different widths.

I put tracing/sewing carbon paper underneath my pattern piece,
facing up. Then I run the double Clover Wheel over whatever line.
In this example I was making a new line to make the pattern smaller.
I like the waxed sewing carbon paper.
You can also transfer the carbon to tissue (or other) pattern paper by marking on the tissue with a regular pencil. That makes less holes in the pattern paper. Different things work in different situations.


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