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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Replacing my Tapestry Cap

I lost that lovely tapestry cap that I first began beading in Vancouver! Oh, grrrr. After looking everywhere, I made a new one using fabric, with which, my buddy Susan gifted me.

Thanks Pal! I spend too much time out of doors not to have a couple of caps handy.


  1. You know that the minute you finish this hat the first one will show up!

  2. Oh Louisa, I shared your guess! But actually the original cap seems to be more lost than most things I lose (you're right under that bag I'm sure I checked) I actually finished this cap several weeks back - delaying this post to come up while I was on vacation. I wore that cap every day while I was on vacation and man alive was it useful. My other two caps were/are really, really worn and faded so it was nice to have a new one. Also I bought 3 of those little lapel pins you see and never know what to do with, and fixed them on my cap as souvenirs!