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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shorts and a Tee: Realities of Summer Dressing

Good golly, what do I spend most of my time in come summer?

Yup, shorts and tee shirts.

Putting in major time learning to sew tees and become more comfortable working with knits, has really paid off. This is Lori's favorite Simplicity 4076, unfortunately now out of print.

The shorts are..... an in print pattern.... now where did I put that envelope.... I'll find it another day. I spent a lot of time getting the fit just right on these shorts and that too has paid off. This is the second version I've made. I still wear the test version I made as well. In fact I'm wearing them right now.

I've cut the above pair so they're a little high waisted. I'm never clear exactly what sort of waist line is in style from season to season (though I well remember when the really low-waisted ones where in and I didn't like them). High waisted suits my figure type, and that's what's important to me.

For this waistband I learned from the test garment.  Both the test garment and the pair above are denim. The test garment waistband is just too thick and bulky. So in the above pair I did two things that worked really well.
1) The inside of the waistband is a thin woven (scrap I had). Interfaced with a medium weight fusible
2) I found Petersham ribbon online and sewed that in as well on top of the woven. So when I look inside I see the Petersham.

The waistband fits well not only when I first put them on, but it stays fitting when I move in them. (What a concept!). I'm still considering belt carriers though, because I tend to put lots of junk like keys and coins in my pockets, which drags them down. But they fit so nicely and smoothly, I've just been avoiding doing that....

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