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Monday, April 1, 2013

Technicos PerPINdicular: New Ways With Pins:

Hey, perPINdicular is the way to go AND way to sew!
When it comes to the big stuff, I expect mystery. But it's the little things I don't know, that I find most amazing.

All my sewing life, I'd sewn with my pins parallel to the seam line. Am I the only sewist to whom it never occurred to change the placement so that the pins went in perpendicular (why isn't that spelled perPINdicular!) to my stitching line?

What a difference a pin direction makes! Sure, sometimes it still works better the other way.

Now quit laughing at me, OK? I knew you already knew all about this!

It's learning this little stuff, as well as the big, that keeps me enchanted by sewing.

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