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Friday, March 29, 2013

Vintage Threads: I want Bobbie Joe's Sleeve

Bobbie Joe was my favorite sister at the Shady Rest
And that girl knew how to dress too!

 You can still find the show "Petticoat Junction" on the golden oldies t.v. channels. Bea's three beautiful daughters - Betty Joe, Billie Joe and Bobbie Joe were shown at the beginning of the show, modestly peeping over the top of the local water tower where they had clearly been bathing, divested of their big fluffy petticoats, which hung over the side of the big water-holding container.

The gals, who lived a nice quiet life with their mother and uncle at their home and hotel"The Shady Rest",  represented the last of their kind. Back in the 'midst of the wild sixties, they still wore bouffant skirts and held out for marriage while young women in the rest of the country was going to H-E-Double HockeySticks in a hand basket, as a number of our elderly neighbors and relations were only too glad to explain to us. 

Well it's not really hard to know the rules when you live in a town called "Hooterville".

OK, I still like the sisters. They aren't over-done or saccharine sweet. And, watching the old shows again, I find they've held up pretty well over the decades. Bobbie Joe was always my favorite of the three. She also went to college, at a time when that was still in question for a lot of young American women.

Their clothing style has held up well too. This is just one example I've caught. I've seen similar bubble edged sleeves over the past couple of years in modern times, but I'm not sure if I've seen this kind of join on the side. It certainly inspires me when I'm planning to sew a sleeve in a  future blouse or jacket.

Shake out your petticoat and I'll meet you at the water tower for a quick swim, OK sister?

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