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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kit 4: Completed my Canada Tee S'hirt

I re-altered basic tee pattern B3383 
Nice to have my pre-cut kits to take out and put a little work in on at regular intervals. I sewed this tee in 30 minute to one hour increments over several days. It's a basic - a retesting of my alteration of B3383.  Think I'll probably cut another out of this pattern, I'm not totally sure I'm set on the current set of alterations, though I'm reasonably happy.

Learned this time, to watch out when using alternate fabric for the neckband. The black was super stretchy and even though I cut the neckband shorter, I could never get it to keep from being funny and wiggly.... How do you describe what happens to neckbands when they get all scrunched and gape horribly?

 I tried a couple of things to fix awful-neckline syndrome

- Multiple lines of topstitching -it got worse!
- A piece of clear elastic on the back side, about 3/4 the length of the front - it got even worse!
- Finally I went for the deconstructed look, a couple of strips of the stretchy black fabric, ruched/gathered up and hand tacked down. I knew that would work because I used the same idea for my rose pink dragonfly tee. It was the same leftover black fabric too.

My Duct Tape Dummy, Helen, was quite helpful
when it came to hand stitching the deconstructed neckband.
She helped me to figure out if the neckband was going to lay right
and I also did the actual hand stitching right on Helen.
I liked the red, satin covered buttons I used for embellishment as well. I've had those in my button box for awhile. I covered the buttons using a covered-button kit and some scraps from a long-gone project ( a shirt that never fit right!)

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