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Monday, September 16, 2013

Jeans Sewing: Designing Pocket for Maximum Bling (Embellishment)

What makes the bling on this jeans pocket?
Some of it I can figure out, but other bits
I'm not so sure about.
Regular readers of this blog know that I've been working to build up my jeans-sewing skill set. I started out by sewing a jeans-style denim skirt (* ). I've been getting a kick out of wearing that skirt too. I wore it to classes three days in a row, and several other places since.

Now, I'm planning to move on to an actual pair of jeans. I'm taking a half-semester weekend class called "Pants Drafting" at Cañada, so I'm expecting to have a jeans pattern that fits me.

But what about the pockets? It's the pockets in the fancy-schmansy designer jeans that really appeal to me. I want cute ones. After making the skirt, I also decided that I should work on the pockets first, because by the time I got to the final stages of that garment, I just wanted to be finished and start  wearing it. If I have my pockets ready, you can bet I'd sew them on.

I'm starting to analyze the cute pockets I see. The one above certainly has me wondering.

I don't want to make an exact copy, I like creating my own designs for things. But I would like to know what kind of stitching and materials were used to create the pocket above.

1) What kind of white thread is that? Is it perl cotton? Is it regular topstitching thread? If I made my stitches that big, they'd get loose and fall out, so maybe I should hand sew something like this, and make some kind of locking stitches, despite the long size.

There seem to be at least two different types of stitching going on here, maybe three. 

2) Some of the bling is definitely small rivets, but others are little glass crystals with metal circles around them. I found some iron-on crystals  with no metal circles. I need to test them in the wash before I use them, by testing some on scrap denim - maybe in a little three sides-sewn bag I can turn inside out. On this youtube video, the creator told us, that you turn the garment with the bling on it inside out, and put it in a pillowcase before washing. I'd then probably hang it to dry. I already hang-to-dry most of the clothes I make.

3) I wonder if that big button really is just a regular button and not a jeans button at all However, it goes with the small crystals... I'll keep my eyes peeled for something along those lines.
~ ~ ~
* In "Jeans Sewing Skirting the Issue: Terminado! Done! I summarize my experiences sewing this skirt

DIY, Sparkle Your Old Jeans With Rhinestones - Youtube

This seems like the kind of place where you get sparkly bits. I'm still unclear if gluing sparkles on, works in the wash. Also this site refers to having sew-on rhinestones, but I'm not clear which products those are. But they have a phone number!

This place has sew-on rhinestones, among other products
These two links are for their round shapes. You can go higher up in their product hierarchy and find other shapes, colors, and materials


How To Crystallize Your Seven Jeans & Other Denim

Wash and Care for Embellished Clothing

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