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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Draping: Checking out my Dart Extensions (Fit)

In this illustration, I'm working with a tissue pattern I've
created from the muslin piece I draped on the dress form
I  tested the extended part of my dart, to make sure that there's
enough length. I did that by laying scrap tissue on top of my
freshly drawn pattern, adding the hemline on either side of the dart,
drawing in the dart, and pin-sewing it in place to make sure my
extension came out right. 
Some of the first things we are learning about in my draping class is adding darts. We start by drawing the straight of grain and the cross grains, and securing them to the dress form. Then we secure those grain lines to the dress form, and we're off.

We're learning not to think about making a dart, we capture a dart, as we smooth, and pin, the fabric into place.

I'm starting out using a class dress form, and looking excitedly forward to the day when I'll be draping on the Uniquely You Dress Form I made over the summer. The September Enchanted by Sewing Podcast will be all about my experiences to-date, creating and beginning to use two different types of dress forms. I wish I could publish the 'cast earlier, but I'm limited when it comes to disk space for new episodes (yes - I actually pay for podcast space!), so I can't publish before the end of the month.

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