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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jeans Sewing: Looking Jeans'y - A Jeans Fit Garment (fit)

One day I put them on and...
Even without a waistband
I could see they were starting to
look like real jeans.
Drafting, drafting drafting. Pattern drafting is a great new learning experience and, oh yeah, it takes a lot of time.

At some point I just wanted to know how the pattern I was creating over and over in muslin was going to look in the real deal ....

And, just as I learned with my jeans-style denim skirt, I found that the denim draped totally differently than the muslin. More challenging yet, I was working this time with denim with lycra. Guess who looked like the saggy baggy elephant? No, sorry. I just couldn't take a photo.

How many times did I take in the seams? Four on the side seam and twice on the inseam. 

Then one day I put them on and low and behold, they were starting to look like jeans!

It's times like these that keep me...

Enchanted by Sewing

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