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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Poiret Draped for the New Woman

The Lines of Paul Poiret's Fashions
Helped Defined the New Woman of the Twentieth Century
Click on the Illustration above to really enjoy the details!

I've been recovering from a little light surgery lately. (Little for the surgeons point of view, I guess). Are you like me when your getting over stuff like that? Do you also  watch your Downton Abbey video collection all the way through? I spent a goodly part of my video viewing time watching for the corseted Edwardian styles to transition into the modern twentieth century era.

Of course it was folks like Paul Poiret and Madeleine Vionnet who inspired the kinds of clothes the Crawley gals, and their Mama, are wearing in those heady times. (Not so much Anna, Daisy and the other servants, unfortunately for them.) Both couturiers were also known for ushering modern, twentieth century women - the New Woman- into the beyond-corsets era of fashion.

Like Madeleine Vionnet, Paul Poiret is known for creating fashion through the process of draping. Nothing like laying in a cosy get-well-nest of videos, drinking plenty of fluids, working to pull together and feeling the comradeship of a fellow draper. 

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