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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer Essentials: Cropped Pants

Are these Summer Essentials Exciting Sewing? 
Practical though. I've worn out a number of pairs of these full-leggedelastic waist, cropped pants over the last ten years or so. This version is in light-weight denim. They work great with my princess-seamed Western Winds shirt. I'm at work on Pinto, another version of this shirt, and hope to make a few more of these sleeveless, princess-seamed shirts this summer. These pants, as well as the basic denim shorts I made last summer, will see a lot of summer wardrobe wear.

M2791 is out of print But there are many used versions available when you search the web


  1. What pattern is this? Or did you self draft? I love this kind. I have a bolt of denim that I need to use up. This would be great for that.

  2. Thanks for asking, Hilary. Here we go. I edited the posting to include the pattern reference. It's out of print but there are a number in the different sizes available on the web. It's M2791.