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Friday, October 26, 2012

All Cut Up - I need a joke

I just spent about five hours cutting out three pairs of pants. No wonder we don't like this job very much. I was sure I could do it in about an hour and a half.

OK, I did do a little final alteration to the patterns, adding some pocket extensions to the front and back so the pocket bag seams won't show on the outside. But still, mine goodness! why does it always take so much longer than we'd expect?

What does the supposedly simple task of cutting out entail?

1) I had to iron two of the three pieces of fabric
2) I had to iron all the pattern pieces, and find the patterns
3) I fooled around extending pocket bags and adding pocket bag leashes out of scraps of silk organza.

None of these really convince me that this project should have taken so long.

I did stop in the middle and hooped with my weighted hula hoop. But I didn't count the time spent on that.

Time to go take a walk and get all the pins out of my brain.

A good cutting joke would come in useful right now. Do you have any good ones?

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