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Friday, October 19, 2012

Technicos/Techniques: Sewing a Fitted Facing

How to Sew a Fitted Facing to a Neckline

A facing is a piece of fabric that encloses the raw edge of a garment.  It is sewn to the raw edge and then turned to the backside of the garment.
1)   Cut Facing same shape as main garment edge it is used to face
2)   Cut a piece of interfacing the same size as the facing
3)   Trim ¼” from interfacing so smaller than actual facing, all the way around
4)   Fuse interfacing to wrong side (WS) of facing
5)   Stitch ¼” from lower edge of facing
6)   Roll under at stitching line, press under (stitching keeps you from burning your fingers!)
7)   Topstitch hem of facing, close to fold
8)   Sew Right Sides(RS) together - facing to the garment edge
9)   Grade and clip seam allowances (SA) - cut back the facing LOWER than the main garment edge
10) Press facing to inside. Press the SA towards the facing piece
11) Understitch facing – Stitch all around the neckline-through the  facing and SA close to seam line, but  NOT through the main garment piece. This helps the facing lie flat. Press WS's together

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