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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romancing the Dress: My Go-To Special Occasion Frock

This special occasion dress inspired me to create the October 2012 podcast- 002: Romancing the Dress. Stop by the iTunes store and download this free show.

* Sewn 3 or 4 years ago
* Worn once to the opera, to see La Boheme, and once to a party. 

Seems like this gal really only needs one special occasion frock!

Recently revisiting the use I've gotten out of this pretty dress, caused me to question what sorts of patterns and fabrics I need to focus on when sewing dresses I expect to use for regular day-in-day-out wear. 

Even though I haven't worn it a ton, I still love this dress I created from Laura Ashley McCalls pattern M5316. Though the pattern is out-of-print, several vendors sell it at an affordable price on the web.


  1. I have just found your podcast and blog and am really enjoying it. I have just started sewing again after a few years hiatus. I have been sewing a lot of clothes for my toddler niece and granddaughter.

    I have done a bunch of upcycling of adult clothing to child's clothing, which is very satisfying.

    Sewing children's clothing is helping me improve my sewing skills in small bites, with a faster finish than adult clothing. I have found this makes it easier when I do make something for myself.

    I have just gotten a dressform, it came in the mail from Amazon today actually, and am excited to have that fitting aid in my sewing.

    Thanks for putting out the the podcast, and I hope you continue it for a long time to come!

  2. Hey Francine! Thanks you *so* much for your lovely post. It really made my day. I see from your pinterest boards that we share several interests in common besides sewing. I was very interested in working on altered books a couple of years back. Though I have put them on hold for the time being, I haven't forgotten about the yen to create them.

    That is a great idea about sewing children's clothes to improve your skills. I often work on a dolls clothing item when I want to try out one particular skill. Dolls and kids clothes are both an inspirational way to do sample sewing.

    I do plan to continue my podcast for a long time, and knowing that other sewists, like you, are out there enjoying it provides the motivation to do just that.