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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Plain Sewing: Trousers Done!

I used McCalls 6403 to sew 2 pair of shorts
over the summer
This time - trousers
I finally finished this pair of light weight denim trousers I've been working on, on and off. They include a couture waistband inspired by the pants construction class I took with Lynda Maynard. There are instructions in her Dressmaker's Handbook to Couture Sewing for this style of waistband. I was working to learn to make a waistband that didn't have the tendency slide down after an hour or so of wear. This waistband seems sturdier, however I think a lot of my challenge may be that I tend to weight down my pockets with keys, lip gloss, etc. I plan to keep working with this style of waistband, stabalized with polyester horsehair braid (Lynda uses real horsehair) cable stitched to a backing of silk organza.

Looking forward to getting rid of another pair of very similar worn read-to-wear trousers, that have fit me OK, but not as well as these that I sewed for myself. Isn't it great feeling to be able to create our own basic garments?

They weren't exciting or colorful sewing, but these trousers will form an important , useful part of my wardrobe.

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  1. Big payoff for sewing time invested. I've worn these trousers nearly ten times since I finished them.