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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Uniform Sewing: The Birdie Vest

I'm very happy with my double sided flannel Birdie Vest, even though I didn't include the pseudo-welt pockets I usually make. I do miss those little front pockets. The tradeoff, of course, was that I got the project done more quickly. BTW The time spent adding decorative machine stitching for a sharper front edge didn't add much time to the project, as I wrote about previously.

The vest looks good with some black, light weight wool pants I made last winter, and a long sleeved black tee. The combination was just about right for a long walk I took today. The thermometer was in the high 40's. I had a pair of half done light weight blue denim trousers hanging up next to it as well (I'm having issues with the waistband) and it looks like that will be another good combination. Inspiration to finish my fight with the waistband!

I used McCalls 2260, a classic pattern from which, I've made maybe ten vests.
If the lining fabric looks familiar it's because I bought extra fabric for my husband's nightshirt to use for this.

Birdie Fabric Source Details .

I'll talk more about this project in my Enchanted By Sewing Podcast show for January. The theme for that episode will be vests.

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