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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Uniform Sewing: My Style

This Sewist likes Uniform Sewing
I sewed five out of the six items,
 I wore on this trip to
the San Francisco Zoo
They exemplify my style
At the beginning of the holiday break,  I was stressing about getting that California Romance dress done.  I've had more than my usual share of issues with that frock project: fitting alterations and plaid matching being the main two, and I've already put enough time in on it to make two or three dresses. However, I was definitely, positively going to get on with it after I finished all the night wear sewing that's traditional, and necessary, for me in December. If you listen to my podcast, you know I talked about those projects I was making in my December Podcast: Good Night My Someone.

But then I took another good look at how I was spending my time over the vacation, and what I was enjoying wearing on those outings. It wasn't dresses. So, yes I'm glad I put aside that dress again. I'll be happy to get back to it in plenty of time for a graduation ceremony in June. In the meantime I've sewn another pretty bright tee shirt and a warm double sided flannel vest in a really pretty print. Also I sewed a vest for a doll. My January podcast will focus on vest sewing, and working on those vests gave my plenty of ideas for the show.

Don't you just  love that feeling of wearing pretty clothing that you made yourself, the kind of clothes that express your style? Here I am being photographed by my husband on one of my favorite recent expeditions, at the San Francisco Zoo (More about this outing in this posting I wrote for my Postcard From California blog).  My scarf, cap, tee shirt, plaid fleece jacket and peacock purse are all plain sewing items I made myself. The trousers are the only things I didn't make, and I'm working on sewing a pair of lightweight denim trousers.

This outfit is typical of the kind of outfit I like to be able to pull together quickly, made up from the kind of items I like to have on hand. The colors work for my skin tones and the garments are comfortable and absolutely practical for the way I live.

Pretty tees, comfortable trousers, scarves and fun purses express my style. I'm glad I've gotten on with  my kind of uniform sewing.

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