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Friday, March 8, 2013

En Curso/ In Progress: Cuff and Collar Party (B5526 shirt)

These tucks were needed because
Susan took dart tucks in the back shoulder line
I fitted the pieces to my original muslin to test placement
Though I did the pieces only one sided, I drew on
a 5/8 inch imaginary seam line.
 I wrote in my first Camisa En Curso/Shirt In Progress post about Butterick 5526 that with the alterations completed to front, back and sleeves, it's now time to move on to fixing and checking smaller aspects of the patterns - cuffs and collar.

The collar needed alterations because Susan took a dart along the back shoulder line. This is an alteration that I will be considering for other similar patterns in the future, along with the adjustment that takes away from the front and adds to the back, thus eliminating the drag-back away from the front of the body look (so attractive - not :-)

Though I have my jungle print, fashion fabric, test garment in progress,
I'm testing these stages on the muslin version.
• The next posting (Placket Monster) will finish up this party with some work on cuffs. 
• In the Fit to Face posting that follows Placket Monster I'll talk more about my unexpected need to further alter this pattern.

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