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Friday, March 15, 2013

Technicos: Simple doesn't mean Easy (Zippers)

It is a gift to be simple, isn't it? Here's a youtube video I created a couple of years back, singing about that very thing ('Tis a Gift to Be Simple', is an old Amish tune you may have sung yourself).

The thing is that simple and easy aren't really the same thing, though we often assume they are. Maybe that's the meaning behind the song - really understanding that.

These two zippers, center and lapped, are regarded as the most simple zipper techniques. Sewists have been putting them in since zippers first came into vogue, though nowadays you'll see a lot of invisible zippers and fly front as well.

But simple definitely doesn't mean easy. Frankly these two samples took me quite a lot of time and unstitching, and I've sewn this style off and on for a long time. Now I remember why I avoid them.

I used a glue stick to position the centered zipper and, yes, I used the seam-basted approach as well. I also hand basted both zippers into place more than once before I machine-stitched.

A Lapped Zipper

A Centered Zipper

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